Apple Music’s Jimmy Iovine says streaming services are ’too similar’

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Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine says streaming services are too similar - and need to diversify to survive.

"The streaming services are all charging $9.99 and everyone has the same music," he told the BBC.

"And it’s really nice. You get whatever song you want, you get your playlists - but there’s got to be more interaction between the artist and the audience.

"Sooner or later, something’s got to give," he said, indicating that Apple Music wanted more original content.

"Netflix [is] spending $6bn (£4.2bn) a year on original content," said Iovine. "They have a unique catalogue and they charge you $10.99."

On streaming sites, however, "the labels want you to have the same music".

He said: "So there’s a real rub there. Sooner or later something’s going to give."

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Apple has had some success with exclusives in the past, scoring big hits with Drake’s Views and Frank Ocean’s Blonde.

But it has recently moved away from the strategy, preferring to invest in filmed content, including the Carpool Karaoke series, and its Beats 1 radio station, which boasts shows presented by Elton John, Drake and St Vincent.


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